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SNNA-BEFK UNION.INC. headquarters is in Houston, Texas. SNNA-BEFK is a very professional full line control valve and valve products manufacturer and valve service provider. The company serves the petroleum tool, marine oil, power production, chemical, paper production, coal, iron and steel, city water treatment, food processing, and agricultural irrigation industries.

SNNA-BEFK is composed of SNNA and BEFK brands of products. The SNNA brand specializes on the manufacturing and production of control valves, ball valves, and butterfly valves while the BEFK brand specializes on the manufacturing and production of gate valves. SNNA-BEFK is a family company, which has a history in the valve industry since 1886. Through our growth, research and development, we can now offer a full line of products and services that are utilized in a multitude of diverse industries. We have manufacturing facilities and service centers in Houston, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Shanghai China.

SNNA-BEFK Company also provides precision contract metal manufacturing services for our customers.



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